Poetry by Jeff Green


The Final Journey

by cricketjeff on March 29, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She knows no life beyond her shuttered room,
Reflections of the world appear as dreams,
Contentedly she stitches in the gloom
The images that float by on the streams.
While all around men love and work and play,
The finest in the land ride past each day;
To Camelot.

The freemen in the fields have heard her voice,
A legendary beauty in the tower.
Condemned to see out life without a choice,
The fates decree that each must have her hour.
Sir Lancelot, in armour like the Moon,
Rides past her keep one sun-drenched afternoon;
Beyond Shalott.

Although she only saw a passing shade
His beauty breaks the spell that binds her will
Discarding all the tapestries she’s made
Her beating heart escapes the prison grill
Although she knows it’s death to run away
She cannot face the pain it takes to stay
Beside Shalott

Her farewell song seduces empty air
And those who hear will treasure every note
The music lands like raindrops everywhere
And love alone will guide her little boat
Each furlong of her journey takes her breath
The river will bring happiness and death
In Camelot

A single shaft of sunlight through the clouds
Cannot outshine the beauty of her eyes
Sir Lancelot appearing through the crowds
Must join his voice to all the other sighs
The Lady of Shalott now sees his face
And life and death has fallen into place
In Camelot