Poetry by Jeff Green


The Isle of Much Belief

by cricketjeff on April 1, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

White pineberries, spaghetti trees
And trips to San Seriffe
Have on this day oft’ led astray
The folk of Much Belief.

This tiny isle, a windblown pile,
Is calm throughout the year
But early spring will always bring
A sudden storm of fear.

As journalists (three quarters pissed)
Arrive from near and far;
To try to find where rice is mined
And how they wash in tar.

The BBC will usually
Dispatch a team or two.
The New York Times reports on crimes,
Of which they’ve not a clue.

In Much Belief a world of grief
Surrounds the feast of fools;
The world makes fun of everyone
Who just obeys the rules!