Poetry by Jeff Green


On reading

by cricketjeff on April 2, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Horrible stories to frighten us
Plenty of magical fantasies
Morality tales to enlighten us

In a yarn you are put at your ease
And the themes can condense into you
While your dreams can begin as they please

No story can die without issue
It leaves you with more than you started,
The dreams that its author would wish you.

Read great works by those who’re whole hearted
Mark Twain and Shakespeare and Charles Dickens
Before you’re “our dearly departed”

Author notes

I don’t like this, but I had to try!

1-3 in dactylic trimeter. (/xx /xx /xx)
4-6 in anapestic trimeter. (xx/ xx/ xx/)
7-9 in amphibrachic trimeter (x/x x/x x/x)
10-12 antibacchus (//x //x //x)

Rhyme scheme aba bcb cdc dad

I find antibacchuses very hard to write in English, and I am forcing the meter to try to make the cross meter rhymes work. I rather doubt they do!

Ah well, it was a good puzzle