Poetry by Jeff Green


Just an ordinary life

by cricketjeff on April 2, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In her eyes he saw the sunrise
In her hair he saw it set
She was far beyond the pole star
She was Gigi, by Colette

They first met when young and foolish when the days were long and warm
And they fell in love together through a rolling summer storm
There were birds in every treetop when they walked past hand in hand
And he never cracked a punchline that she couldn’t understand

In her lips he tasted rose hips
She was vitamins for health
So he loved her more than silver
She was half a kingdom’s wealth

They were married in the morning under skies of Wedgwood blue
And their honeymoon was golden like a dream of Xanadu
They would spend their lives together learning every little thing
And her finger was anointed with a gold and ruby ring

In her heart he heard all Mozart
When she spoke the angels sang
She was dreams of Cornish ice-cream
She was fruit juice with a tang

Now the years have made them older but the lovers still exist
In a painting of perfection walking through an Autumn mist
Not a cloud on their horizons not a ripple on their lake
They wake up each morning happy with their life of give and take

In his gaze she sees the heat haze
Of the morning that they met
They’ll be friends until world’s end
Living life without regret

Author notes

Don’t we all wish …

Here is your quote

“Cartwright of the sapphire eyes and golden hair, Cartwright of the Limbs and Lips: he was Petrach’s Laura, Milton’s Lycidas, Cattullus’s Lesbia, Tennyson’s Hallam, Shakespeare’s fair boy and dark lady, the moon’s Endymion. Cartwright was Garbo’s salary, the National Gallery, he was cellophane: he was the tender trap, the black unholy surprise of it all and the bright golden haze on the meadow: he was honey-honey, sugar-sugar, chirpy chirpy cheep-cheep and his baby-love: the voice of the turtle could be heard in the land, there were angels dining at the Ritz and a nightingale sang in Berkely Square”