Poetry by Jeff Green


Back to Black and White

by cricketjeff on April 3, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Where there used to be a rainbow, there are clouds and dismal rain;
There were flowers round a meadow, now there’s litter round a drain;
There were ginger-headed children; now they’re old and sad and grey;
When you left my moving pictures, Technicolor went away.

I was watching a kingfisher, catching tiny silver fish.
Now a sparrow pecks at breadcrumbs on a dirty plastic dish.
There was music in the breezes, now there’s silence in the air.
I was almost in Nirvana, but now heaven isn’t there.

We walked through the woods and bluebells, I walk run-down streets alone;
We saw all our friends in person, now mine message on the phone.
We had cocktails in the evening, mine’s a vodka orange crush,
Now I’m drinking long-flat cider, watching snowdrops die in slush.

When you spoke I heard the fairies, throwing magic in the fields,
So the farmers were embarrassed by their crops’ unheard of yields.
We were living for forever, now I’m dying every hour,
And my days are filled with rainstorms, not a passing summer shower.

Through the Spring and Summer seasons you were every blazing hue;
Every poster-plastered hoarding, every sunset sang of you.
But you left me in the Autumn, taking golden-browns away —
Now my life is filled with Winter, and ten thousand shades of grey.

Author notes


Colours have broken into shades of grey
where sunlight no longer lives
to breathe fresh upon a yellow daffodil.