Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 4, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The time to die’s a question that I’ve never thought to ask,
Though others waste a lifetime as they think about the task,
Each day is spent deciding if they’ve done what they should do
But I’d prefer to spend my time in idle dreams of you.

The day to go’s not my affair, I’ll live until I die;
I won’t choose clever final words or practice “one last sigh”,
While they are feeling gloomy I’ll be looking for the new,
I’ll fill my idle moments with another dream of you.

The way it ends is open, I don’t want to know for now,
Though others seem to plan for every detail of the how.
If I decide to plan a fate I’ll give you just one clue,
The fate I plan will realise the dreams I have of you.

When life is tough and days are grey I close my eyes and know
There’s half a million untried ways to give my life a glow;
Then I shall find I own a smile, there’s no point feeling blue,
As long as I can fill my world with happy dreams of you.

Author notes

I read a beautiful poem about dying by Sue Cardwell and this is what the little men in my head said