Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on April 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

No-Boom-and-Bust Brown,who led us to drown
In oceans of wastage and debt
Was misunderstood, he knows he did good
And hasn’t an ounce of regret

He sold off our gold, so fusty and old
A bargain at rock bottom price
He taxed every pension, but that he won’t mention
He’s acted and never thought twice

It isn’t his fault that we’ve nowt in the vault
All he spent he had borrowed with care
It’s the banks who’re to blame they were playing his game
But to say so is nothing like fair

All his new regulation avoids strangulation
And bankers made millions a week
They all looked so happy that Gordon, nice chappy
Thought he wouldn’t bother to speak

The soldiers had buses so all of their fusses
Are terribly far out of line
A new helicopter that he “didn’t cop ta”
Cannot be a cause to resign

His MPs who diddle were not on the fiddle
Each one made an honest mistake
Don’t vote against cheaters the press are all bleaters
Hard grafting MPs need a break

And Brown’s not alone on his porcelain throne
There’s Mandy on hand at his side
He was one of the fools who thought nothing of rules
When asked for the truth he just lied

And now he’s in charge of a budget so large
That some of it must have a use
A child of the night who is sure that he’s right
And if not he will have an excuse

Please don’t believe Tories, they’ll tell you such stories
Of how Gordon led us astray
But all of it’s lying, you know he was trying
To hide all the bad stuff away!

All big business leaders are gullible bleeders
They can’t understand about jobs
He knows about taxes, and just what the facts is
Don’t listen to others, they’re knobs

He’d like to say more, that we’re not on the floor
That we all of us richer than ever
So rush off and vote for his rickety boat
He hopes that the voters aren’t clever

No-Boom-and-Bust Brown,with the permanent frown
Is a man you can trust with your life
It’s the Cons and the Libs who are all telling fibs
The Country’s in no sort of strife!!!

Author notes

Gordon Brown was being interviewed on Today, answering no questions accepting no blame or responsibility, being about as honest as you would expect …

I suspect this will acquire quite a few more stanzas …