Poetry by Jeff Green


Sharing the dream

by cricketjeff on April 8, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Obediently kneeling by the door
Exactly how he told her she should wait
Her knees apart and looking at the floor
Embarrassed by her hot, excited stated

      A foolish bet she thought she couldn’t lose
      A prize she thought he’d never try to claim
      But now she waits her body his to use
      The latest round of love’s eternal game

His dreams it seems were not unlike her own
And waiting here she had the chance to dream
This half an hour knelt naked and alone
Meant just one touch and she would faint or scream

      The handle turns she cannot draw a breath
      Anticipation leads to little death

Waiting by David Terry, for a college project

The wait would be the longest he could bear
He’d waited half his life for such a chance
He left a note to tell her what to wear
And details of the evening’s special dance

      She must have guessed that he would stack the deck
      His stake was more than he would ever pay
      But trustingly she didn’t try to check
      He saw how keen she was that they should play

Her blindfold eyes can’t see his look of lust
And handcuffs mean she cannot try to hide
She feels his touch and feels her nipples thrust
The outward sign of earthquakes from inside

      He takes the leash and leads her to the bed
      Two dreamers know tonight their hopes get fed!

Author notes


1. You will pick your own picture for your inspiration.

Waiting by David Terry, for a college project

2. You will pen for it and keep it under 30 lines
3. In author notes: a. credit your picture b. list in Sensual Studies: heating up cold quills c. Also Mention that your piece will be scored by number of comments with grades, 1 being the worse and 10 being the best…Again, Group members will be asked to comment with grade following their comment…BUT since kiwigirljacks and I are also in this, we will have it open to all of AP, so the more votes the better your chances. Therefore you are responsible for making sure they leave a score. Come on 1 to 10, it aint that hard to do. This will go on until Friday the 9th of April. All scores will be tallied the way they all have been thus far.