Poetry by Jeff Green


The Nicest Pirate of them All

by cricketjeff on April 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The pirates are ready, the flag’s up the mast,
The cannons are loaded, they’re sailing so fast;
The ship they have sighted is loaded with gold,
It’s time for a pirate to prove he is bold,
But everyone’s waiting for brave Tiger Jack,
The biggest and bravest must lead the attack.

Each man draws his cutlass, they’re ready to board,
To add lots of loot to their well hidden hoard;
The coins made of silver, the rum they can drink,
All taken with care so the ship doesn’t sink.
For everyone knows that he’s kind Tiger Jack,
And no-one gets hurt when he leads the attack.

They fire the cannons and bring down the sails,
Then swarm through the rigging, this crew never fails,
They round up the sailors, they take what they can,
Then say they are sorry to each frightened man.
With thanks for the treasure polite Tiger Jack
Is pleased with the spoils from the latest attack.

Wherever they hunt him across seven seas,
They ask for directions but never say please;
He’s kind to the people who sell him supplies
And tips every waitress who flutters her eyes,
So no-one will help them to catch Tiger Jack,
They want their kind pirate to always come back!

Author notes

For Jack Tiger.