Poetry by Jeff Green


No Competition

by cricketjeff on April 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Moon comes up each evening, not to decorate the night,
Nor dance with constellations, nor to spread her silver light;
The Moon is full and brazen, or the shiest smile when new,
But waxing fast or waning she can not compete with you.

You’re a mermaid in a fountain,
Throwing sunlight everywhere.
You’re a walk across a mountain,
Whistling “Londonderry Air”.

The daffodils in springtime smile like sunlight on the ground
And buttercups are golden like a nugget, newly found.
In the bluebell woods of Sussex there’s a floating mist of blue
But though the may be beautiful they can’t compete with you.

In a restaurant from heaven,
You’re the special of the day;
Out of six you’d score a seven,
Any game you chose to play.

When the Summer days are longest and the poppies start to blaze,
In a cornflower sprinkled meadow, there’s a warm and golden haze.
When the skylark rises steeply to begin his song on cue,
They are lost inside my picture for they can’t compete with you.

You’re a film-star in a Roller
Turning up to steal the stage,
You’re the nation’s greatest bowler
Writing records by the page.

When your hand’s inside my fingers, when you gaze into my eyes,
I see fairies dancing waltzes and hear nature’s deepest sighs.
When I dream that you could love me every other thought’s askew,
Though the world has many wonders, there are none compete with you.

Author notes

I’ll be back with dots and squiggles