Poetry by Jeff Green


The Doom of the Galahad

by cricketjeff on April 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Before they sailed they knew the ship was doomed
Their families believed that they were dead
The tragedy that everyone assumed
Reverberated through each anxious head

The Captain dropped a mirror and it smashed
The first mate saw four magpies eating seed
A black cat and the helmsman almost crashed
And half the crew saw Saint Ignatious bleed

These omens meant the crew was all enured
No cheering crowds would see the anchor weighed
A curse as bad as theirs could not be cured
Instead of “Taps” “The Final Post” was played

Two weeks had passed when Galahad arrived
Despite their dread the crew had all survived

Author notes

The only rules are:

Must be at least 10 lines long.
Every line must end with the “D” sound like “side” “doomed”