Poetry by Jeff Green


New neighbourhood

by cricketjeff on April 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m walking the road to poetry

stuttering steps on coarse cobbles
    as I start
        bumbling and bumping
    learning to walk
on the street
    where I want
        to live

Rhymes run round me
    laughing and loving
meterbikes roar by
    their riders revelling in
          the music of their machines
while pastoral poets
    walk their pets

But I keep walking
    past penthouse apartments
        where high flyers fly high
old new-conventionalists
    drink supermarket spirits
        sitting in judgement on
            park benches
                propped on piles of sliced up prose
tall testy tenements
    where the clip clip clip
    of cheap stiletto verses
    and dirty dog doggerel
    rolls on the floors

Some neighbours nod
  pass comment and pass on
        and some
              the good ones
        stop me and talk
              tell me of new streets,
                  new sights to see

and through it all
    past all the heres and nows
I keep on walking