Poetry by Jeff Green


The Dragons I Know

by cricketjeff on April 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The dragons I know are not scaly and rough
They don’t spend their time eating people and stuff
It’s true they are fiery and able to fly
But also quite friendly and painfully shy

The dragons I know like to keep out of sight
They do all their shopping quite late in the night
They don’t try to fry you or hoard all your gold
They aren’t fierce and horrid like dragons of old

The dragons I know aren’t the curse of the town
When told about trouble they grumble and frown
They like to play football and fly round the park
And take dogs for walks (but they go after dark)

The dragons I know are just like you and me
But in other colours and scared of the sea
If you meet a dragon don’t scream out in fear
If dragons get frightened they just disappear!