Poetry by Jeff Green


For the Birds (A Shakespearean sonnet, written by a sparrow.)

by cricketjeff on April 14, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A sparrow thought he’d try to write a sonnet
Since everyone said rhyming’s for the birds
He found a board with paper spread upon it
And used his feet to cover it with words

He tried to get each line in proper meter
And flapped around until the rhymes were tight
He found Iambic beats made verses sweeter
And fourteen rhyming lines exactly right

The blackbird smiled and said he’d love to sing it
Such beauty’s bound to bring him extra crumbs
The thrush joined in and great tits tried to wing it
While crows and magpies cawed and played the drums

Now every time you hear the morning chorus
You’ll know that every note was written for us!

Author notes

A Shakespearean sonnet, written by a sparrow.