Poetry by Jeff Green


A dragon at the party

by cricketjeff on November 24, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Melvin has always wondered, when Birthdays come around
About a human custom, that just knocks him to the ground
On the cake are candles, we start off with them lit
And here’s the part of Birthdays, that puzzles him a bit
You see if Melvin takes a breath, and gives a mighty blow
The candles wouldn’t blow right out, but REALLY start to glow!
Dragon’s cakes for birthdays, are made of different stuff
They get delivered just premixed, then you cook them with one puff!
So if you have a party, and Melvin comes along
Please remember stand well back at “That Bit” of the song!

Author notes

Melvin the Dragon appears in quite a lot of my poems, he is fat, blue, wears a waistcoat, and is very well behaved. Oh and he’s not very good at flying, too much ice-cream inside!