Poetry by Jeff Green


Upsides Downsides

by cricketjeff on April 15, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s a roller-coater ride inside a theme park
It’s a helter skelter slide to get away
It’s the bandstand in the sun inside your dream park
It’s the cottage where you hope that you can stay

When the birds begin each morning with a chorus
And the sun can start the night in golden pools
You may think the world was only put here for us
Not a playground for the other bloody fools

It’s a queue of cars too slowly going nowhere
It’s a cup of tea with milk that’s on the turn
It’s that tiny council map they sent to show where
They will will build a dump they’re sure you won’t discern

When you get a flat and find your jack is broken
When you go to buy a snack and have no cash
When the “speak your weight” has all too loudly spoken
Its a skidding car that’s headed for a crash

It’s a day when all you touch will be a winner
It’s a day when nothing works the way it should
It’s a gamble when the luck’s with the beginner
It’s the Derby and your horse is made of wood

When you wake up in the morning there’s no knowing
If you should have stayed in bed and read a book
Or if you would end the day with halo glowing
I wish there was a way to sneak a look!