Poetry by Jeff Green


Watching, Making and Feeling

by cricketjeff on April 18, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Watching sunrise from a mountain where no other footsteps fall
And the sun reveals the treasures of the Earth;
Seeing sunset in a desert where the lonely foxes call,
We could know about the World and feel its worth.
Making love and drinking cocktails under stars like angels eyes,
Feeling heaven brush the moonlight where a single barn owl flies.

Watching people in a market where a dozen races mix,
Buying cloth the local townsmen learned to weave.
Eating fruit the forest offers while the children practice tricks
Knowing we’re the fools they’re hoping to deceive.
Making love on breezy evenings every appetite is fed,
Feeling life is close to perfect as the bats fly overhead

Watching fish hide in the coral, leaving footprints in the sand,
Throwing bread to make the seagulls scream and dive.
Reading ancient hieroglyphics that we’ll never understand
Chasing dreams that prove we’re happy and alive.
Making love in hotel bedrooms any place we chance to be
Feeling we are all that matters while the Moon peeps in to see

Watching life in all its wonders, learning all there is to know
On safari with a lover free from care
With the liberty to travel seeing all that’s put on show
Breathing happiness from unpolluted air
Making love because we want to, sharing thoughts and writing verse
Feeling life was made for living and there’s no time to rehearse.