Poetry by Jeff Green


My Pencil Shakes

by cricketjeff on April 18, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My pencil shakes
and the crossword clues
are gibberish

A cup of tea
    gets cold
    and I pretend
    that I don’t care
try to convince myself
    that I don’t care
but I do.

Thirty people
    in a theatre for three hundred
thirty people who matter to me
    will matter
        if I can get it right
        if I can sell them snake oil
    my snake oil
In thirty minutes I have worked on for thirty days.

Time to go
    take my turn
    try to turn them on
        an atheist evangelising
        in this land of ultimate belief
A Green selling green systems

My pencil shakes

Author notes

But the good news is, they all bought it!