Poetry by Jeff Green


A kiss, is a kiss, is a kiss

by cricketjeff on November 25, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Crackling sparks before we touch
Expectation promises much
Eyes are closing as lips get so near
Emotions abounding there’s love and yet fear
Opened so slightly our mouths are now one
My body is filled with the heat of the sun
One hand finds your bottom, your hand finds my back
I play with your bra clasp, you launch an attack
Clothes are just melting, it’s bare flesh on bare
Nipples on chest and my hand in your hair
Falling now backwards you pull me on top
There is no force on Earth that could cause me to stop
Our lips are still locked as embraces complete
We are just one body from head down to feet
A kiss, is a kiss, is a kisssssssssssssss…………………….

Author notes

The fourth kiss, I am striving for the perfect fifteen line oral embrace.