Poetry by Jeff Green


An Anthem for London

by cricketjeff on April 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Though designed by a committee
When the sun shines on the city
There’s a lot that can be said for this old town
It is so far from a pity
That the girls are very pretty
And the sight of them will never bring me down

On a stroll beside the river
You may often feel a shiver
That suggests the scene has broken through your heart
All the bustle can deliver
Quite a boost to any giver
Of a little bit of love to every part

There are foolish tourists shopping
Though the price is never dropping
They are taking home a slice of who knows what
While their children run round popping
Little bubbles they’ve been dropping
From the bubble-gun that one of them has got

There are ladies busy walking
Little dogs while they are talking
On an iphone in the latest shade of blue
And a radio is squawking
Something said by Stephen Hawing
As a taxi driver’s learning something new

And your feeling glad you sat you
Down beside this soldier’s statue
As the world is walking by to pass the time
When the trees throw pollen at you
You emit a raucous atchoo
Then continue to compose a little rhyme

Yes it ain’t the worst of places
Filled with interesting faces
All with stories you invent but cannot know
Some of living’s finest grace is
Found inside my home’s embraces
For a Londoner there’s no place else to go!

Author notes

What the heck, it’s a nice day