Poetry by Jeff Green


This Afternoon

by cricketjeff on April 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A walk to clear the cobwebs on a sunny afternoon
    Past daffodils and cherry blossom snow
Some clouds in silly patterns and exactly half the Moon
    Just killing time with nowhere I must go
I can’t just sit home working or my mind would turn to mush
So I’m out filling moments doing nothing at a rush

I called in at the bakers for a loaf of bread and cake
    Too many types to know which one to choose
A rustic cob looked tasty but it could be a mistake
    But what the heck it’s not a lot to lose
And now a London cheesecake and some others for the rest
I hope that I’ve remembered cakes that everyone likes best

A haircut would be handy and I shouldn’t have to wait
    It won’t be busy at this time of day
I’ll sit for twenty minutes while the barber trims my pate
    It grows for free but still you have to pay
Now buy some milk and head for home, it’s time I did some work
But sunny days in April seem to drive a man to shirk!