Poetry by Jeff Green


Reading Poetry

by cricketjeff on April 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Reading poetry at lunchtime in the cherry blossom snow
In the park behind the station where the dreamy eaters go
Thinking thoughts of moonlit mountains or a sunny summer beach
In the poetry of ages any scene’s within your reach

Here the angry buzz of traffic seems to be so far away
And the threats of work and meetings flee to some far distant day
All there is are words of wonder and a tasty bacon roll
When the poetry of masters does its best to save your soul

Is the crump of angry shell fire in my mind or down the road
Could be Owen’s finest verses or a lorry’s shed its load
But the sunlight and gentle breezes are both in me and for real
When the poetry of artists gives me other dreams to feel

When a nagging guilty conscience makes me close the books of spells
I must head back to the office and its rows of lifeless cells
I shall wrestle with each problem and I’ll find each hidden clue
Till the poetry of lovers brings me back again to you