Poetry by Jeff Green


My girl

by cricketjeff on April 24, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You’re the image of a goddess when you go out for the night,
Not a hair would ever dare be out of place.
In a dress that cost a ransom you are every man’s delight,
With the promise of tomorrow on your face.
But the picture of your beauty that could cause my heart to break
Is the you I see each morning, when the sun shakes you awake.

You’re a model on the catwalk when you dress yourself to thrill
And your lips are ruby offerings of love.
Every man just wants to hold you, every woman wants to kill
You’re a angel on vacation from above.
But you don’t need Paris fashion to be everything to me,
In your jeans and tatty t-shirt you’re the sweetest thing to see.

You attract the paparazzi in creations that reveal,
You dismiss them with a smile that says it all.
Every face that turns towards you has to wonder if you’re real,
Or a Cinders flown by magic to the ball.
But you kiss me when you’re happy, garden dirt beneath your nails,
And your lovesong some call snoring, is a call that never fails.

I don’t love you as a pin-up, or a painted gangster’s moll,
As a film star worth a million bucks a day.
I’m not here to see a statue or a living Barbie doll,
You are those but they aren’t why I’ll always stay.
Without make-up in the morning, you’re my lover and my friend;
I get all I ever wanted and the World gets “let’s pretend”.