Poetry by Jeff Green


Dinner is served

by cricketjeff on April 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her message said “dessert, don’t bring a spoon,
it’s served at four o’clock this afternoon”.
I hurried round to grab a bite to eat,
I hoped the treat she offered would be sweet.

Some days you think your life is like a dream,
I’ve always loved fresh strawberries and cream
And when I saw her special serving plate,
The dream I thought was life was more than great!

I took a lick of cream and heard her sigh,
Her sexy whispered told me “Don’t be shy”.
I took the largest berry in my teeth
And felt her passion stirring underneath.

Each berry meant another bit of cream,
I licked and nibbled till I heard her scream,
“You’ve had enough of that, the pudding course,
Now climb aboard and add some special sauce!”