Poetry by Jeff Green


The Whole World Went Mad Today

by cricketjeff on April 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When thirty thousand madmen run for more than twenty miles
You know the world’s a weird and wacky place
A ten man caterpillar filled the watching crowd with smiles
And Tom and Jerry ran the strangest chase
I think I saw a camel and a donkey cross the bridge
And someone said a team of troops was carrying a fridge!

Elite and over-muscled men in wheelchairs finished first
The ladies race is next to breast the tape
While hungry heavy firemen stop to satisfy their thirst
And Peter Jones from Balham gets in shape
I know I watched Buzz Lightyear, was a Woody there as well?
With John Waynes and Roy Rogers it was rather hard to tell

The Kenyans didn’t win this year an Ethiopian did
The record missed by half of not a lot
And Dusty Bin just finished with a cash tin on his lid
I bet he’s glad the day was not too hot
Snow White and dwarves in dozens passed a Bambi in The Mall
While Postman Pat and Tintin beat a rabbit and his pal

A fairy with a starry wand plays rugby other weeks
And Superman’s a plumber from the coast
Some priests took round a pulpit and the slowest of them squeaks
That raising cash for cancer’s worth a boast
I know the world’s gone crazy and I’d never try to run
But some of them seem almost sure a Marathon is fun!!!

Author notes

It was The London Marathon’s Thirtieth Anniversary today