Poetry by Jeff Green


Mary Jane

by cricketjeff on April 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m here to tell the tale of Mary Jane,
A sister of the cloth who means so well,
No single nun has ever spread more pain
Or sent more souls to suffering in Hell.

It started when she tried to move a bus,
Which blocked the path a wheelchair had to use,
She didn’t think there’d be a dreadful fuss
And it would be too churlish to refuse.

Too bad the cliff-top path was on a cliff,
Too bad that bus was full of orphaned kids,
It wouldn’t have been half as awful if
She’d done a course on driving out of skids.

A pregnant Mum with triplets on the way
And two more sets were playing on the beach;
The bus rained down to smashed them in the spray,
It also killed three grannies just in reach.

The lifeboat tried to bring a rescue crew
But found some rocks and, sadly, many died.
A helicopter crashed and killed a few,
But everybody said “at least they tried”.

Another chopper circled in the sky,
The last survivors waited on the sand.
Though many said they didn’t want to fly
They picked them up to carry them inland.

The hospital was ready for the flight
But sudden gusts blew everything off course.
The plane and buildings quickly set alight,
Still Mary Jane survives and feels remorse!

Author notes