Poetry by Jeff Green


The Land where Sanity Reigns

by cricketjeff on April 26, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Umbleania-by-the-Sea
They all dislike absurdity,
So no-one there would ever dream
Of using sheep to cross a stream,
They never cut the grass with forks,
Or hang their washing lines from storks
And nobody would think it right
To make an ageing rose-bush fight.
The Umbleanians to a man
Are wedded to the proper plan;
Most streams are crossed by riding cats,
In leather boots and bowler hats.
The grass is never cut at all
But folded tight to keep it small.
All washing lines are underground,
Where heavy rain is rarely found
And furthermore, each Tuesday night,
They watch their youthful roses fight!

Author notes

Umbleania-by-the-Sea is, as most of you will know, the only African country with a long Pacific coastline. Situated as it is within a few days easy walking of Australia, just outside Ohio on the Mexican border, it is a popular weekend retreat for all Frenchmen (but not French women) especially during the Bongalow season.

For those of you who do not know the way from here, please take the number 47 bus.