Poetry by Jeff Green


Good days, bad nights

by cricketjeff on April 27, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It was sunny, almost summer, as I walked to work today
And at lunchtime I went walking for a while.
Coming home along a footpath there were children out at play
And I couldn’t stop erupting in a smile
Then at home I sat down reading feeling good then spirits sank
There was lost of ghastly gurgling then no water in the tank

In my jimsjams, carpet slippers, and all ready for my bed
I got out a ladder climbed into the loft
Dark and dusty, full of clutter and with beams that bash your head
It’s the home of all the treasures we have doffed
In the corner grey and heartless stands the cause of all my woe
It’s a tank, unfilled with water and a valve that stemmed the flow

With a lot of angry cursing and a hammer in my hand
I attacked the wretched ballcock with a will
Now the tank is full of water and another bath is planned
Some jobs need a lot of grunt and little skill
Now the night is dark and peaceful and tomorrow it’s full Moon
And I better write a list and buy some spare parts very soon!