Poetry by Jeff Green


A right sorry lot!

by cricketjeff on April 28, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If you meet anybody, and you chance to disagree
Be nice as pie and friendly (long as anyone can see)
Then tell your aides in private what a bigot they must be
That’s quite OK as long as you say “Sorry”

Or cheat on your expenses when you think no-one will know
The details get redacted so your secrets cannot show
The Telegraph are bastards to dish out an honest blow
It’s quite OK you’re really very sorry

The country’s busy booming so you spend the extra cash
You smarter than the average there cannot be a crash
Oh bugger now the world has changed we’re headed for a smash
But that’s OK just tell them you are sorry

If other folk get cornered you must skin them all alive
These little crimes are dreadful and the perpetrators skive
But punishment and chaps like you, the concepts cannot jive
So put things right by saying you are sorry

For Gordon Brown and Tony it’s a really simple trick
Don’t worry if you screw things up keep presentation slick
No wonder we the voters are all feeling bloody sick
You cannot fix it all by saying “sorry”
It doesn’t change a thing if you say “sorry”
We know that you don’t mean that you are sorry
So disappear and don’t say bloody sorry!!!

Author notes