Poetry by Jeff Green


New Year

by cricketjeff on May 1, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The World was dark, it seemed more night than day,
And every night was longer than the last.
His loneliness let living slip away;
Tomorrow just an echo of his past.

Without a hope his life was not a tale
That any man would ever want to tell,
And every day he hoped the spark would fail,
A purgatory would beat this living hell.

But every year will come at last to Yule,
One morning she was there and life began.
Inside her eyes he saw he’d been a fool
And in her arms he soon became a man.

Now every night is brighter than the day,
He fell in love and found a better way.

Author notes

Sorry, didn’t get the wedding or engagement in there, but I hope it speaks of love