Poetry by Jeff Green


Moonlit Beaches

by cricketjeff on May 4, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m walking out on moonlit beaches,
Dreaming dreams of summer days.
Eating ice-cream laced with peaches
While the lazy water plays.

Bobbing boats are softly chatting,
Telling tales of other lands.
Children play on sand-strewn matting,
Games no adult understands.

Gentle breezes tease and tickle,
Soothing scents of silent sea,
Till they prove they’re fay and fickle
Bringing dinner-time to me.

Time to eat and talk to others,
Learning colleagues’ hopes and lives,
Happy memories of mothers
And of nights without their wives.

Cup of tea from hotel kettle,
Nothing left but go to bed,
Test imagination’s metal
Bring you here inside my head.

Author notes

I’m in a hotel on the beach Tel Aviv