Poetry by Jeff Green


Monday Evening

by cricketjeff on May 10, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now I’m sitting in an armchair, watching cricket on TV;
Pretty girls are dirty dancing and I’ve got a cup of tea.
There’s a PC needing mending, there is poetry to write,
Then we get to bath and bedtime and a dream of you tonight.

England hammering New Zealand at the Twenty20 cup,
While the girls with bouncing bottoms keep the local spirits up,
I have ordered a new hard-drive, and another cup of tea,
When you head for bed this evening will you dream a dream of me?

There are mint and treacle toffees, Bresnan hits the winning runs,
Cheered by men dressed up as bridesmaids and some very hairy nuns.
Now I’m off to find the teapot, or perhaps a glass of wine,
In your dreams am I a hero? You’re the heroine of mine.

Now the happy cloud is fading, as they take us to the news,
Hoards of boring politicians who cannot contain their views,
But my glass is not half empty and the bathroom fills with steam,
If you’ve joined me in the drinking come and join me in the dream.

Author notes

My streams of consciousness come in rhyme and meter …