Poetry by Jeff Green


The Summer Cold

by cricketjeff on May 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My face is full and fusty and my mind is on the blink
My brain is turning musty and I’ve lost the will to think
I shouldn’t feel this woozy if I haven’t had a drink
I hope I haven’t caught a summer cold

My nose has started streaming and my teeth no longer fit
My tongue is dry and bitter and it’s top is clad in grit
And nobody would compliment my dry acerbic wit
I think I’ve gone a caught a summer cold

My throat is hot and horrid and it hurts me if I eat
My knees are old and aching but they’re better than my feet
An hour-long break from sneezing seems to be the sweetest treat
I have I’ve gone and got a summer cold

I’ll grumble in the office making life a living hell
I’ll moan my food is tasteless as I’ve lost all sense of smell
Those viruses all hate me and by now the world can tell
That I have caught a stinking summer cold!!!