Poetry by Jeff Green


Flying to Tel Aviv

by cricketjeff on May 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The wing was waving slowly as it cut into the clouds
As we wandered slowly upwards over traffic jams and crowds
A train kept getting smaller till the Thames flowed into view
Like an old discarded ribbon, with some streaks of dirty blue
And London looks quite different when seen from high above
Full of people being busy and the places that I love.

There were fluffy silver pillows dotted over rural Kent
And the pilot gave a message but I don’t know what he meant
There was orange juice on offer and a book or two I’d brought
And there’s “spot the foreign country” if you want a bit of sport
But most flying is quite boring you are sitting high above
People living on regardless, or at work, or making love

Next the whole of Northern Europe hid beneath a fluffy rug
So I turned myself to fiction till they brought tea in a mug
Gave two badges to two children who were sitting good as gold
But a man who spoke too loudly wouldn’t do what he was told
You are stuck with who you’re next to in that sausage high above
It will be a snoring salesman not a girl who’d fall in love

We were flying down the Balkans (one book down and one to go)
Over lakes of different colours and some mountains crowned in snow
Soon enough Constantinople, which is known as Istanbul
Where the Sun shone on the buildings and the streets looked overfull
Do most people even notivce they are seen from high above
When they walk about their cities doing things they hate or love

We were over lots of islands in an uncongested sea
And I’d almost finished reading Rudyard Kipling’s poetry
Did I mention lamb and trimmings were a rather tasty brunch
And a mess of fruit and jelly topped with tasteless light brown crunch
Then we plunged down to the airport from the blue sky high above
Bouncing down the concrete runway, like a serve at fifteen love!