Poetry by Jeff Green


I can’t help being better than you.

by cricketjeff on May 13, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wonder why the world can never see
That no-one else deserves more pay than me
It isn’t greed it’s good economy
I’m just a better man than all the rest

I won’t work hard without a large reward
For that’s the way that men like me are scored
It isn’t true for all you common hoard
I can’t believe the way that some protest

Perhaps one day I’ll make a small mistake
And when I do the company will break
But I’ll make sure there’s cash for me to take
It’s only fair the CEO is blessed

There’s extra cash the moment that I sign
And even more when time comes to resign
So win or lose you’ll know I’m doing fine
It’s this that gives my life its added zest

I wonder why you work for lousy pay
I wonder why you work hard every day
It’s time you found yourself a better way
Just find some fools with money to invest!