Poetry by Jeff Green


No, not Stilton on Cornflakes!!!

by cricketjeff on May 14, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I love you but I’d never fight an army just for you,
But maybe I would charge a Sherman Tank.
You’re all I need, you’re all I want, so if you’re feeling blue,
It’s possible that I would rob a bank.

I love you more than strawberry fool and honeycomb ice-cream,
But if you want a vegan it’s goodbye.
Each night I hit the pillows and you’re starring in a dream,
For you I’d eat a veal and onion pie.

I’d climb the highest ladder, ride an insane motor bike,
But even you can’t make me fight a bull.
I’d juggle red hot pokers, almost anything you’d like,
I’d eat another doughnut when I’m full.

I’d change the tie I’m wearing, I would even wear a hat,
But maybe not some loud Bermuda shorts.
I wouldn’t lose the waistcoat, you are worth far more than that,
I would miss half an hour of foreign sports.

I love you but in loving I won’t lose the whole of me,
I love you but I’m rather old and set,
I love you but I’m not a fool, life isn’t poetry,
There’s lots of me that you can’t love I bet!