Poetry by Jeff Green


On sunny days

by cricketjeff on May 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On sunny days I’m with you, and we’re gazing out to sea
Watching seagulls going skimming while the waves make poetry
The sky is cast from sapphire flecked with cotton wool and pearls
And the beach is home to castles manned by laughing boys and girls

On sunny days you’re with me on the hills I love to roam
Where the streams are liquid crystal and I’d love to make my home
There are crags you have to scramble there are tarns that scream for feet
And we’ve got some Kendall mint-cake even heaven needs a sweet!

On sunny days I’m dreaming of the places we could go
Of the friends we haven’t met yet and adventures we could know
There are mysteries and magic there are wonders we could share
Far from where we work our butts off there is beauty everywhere

On sunny days you tell me you are more than other days
You are Queen of ancient cities you are Shakespeare writing plays
You’re the spirit of D’Artagnan, are you also Belle de Jour?
For the aches and strains that pain me you’re the only certain cure

On sunny days the evenings fill with poetry and wine
When we’d wait for silver Moonlight and you’d promise you were mine
And sunny days are followed by the passions of the night
When we’d love away forever, all alone and out of sight