Poetry by Jeff Green


The Pig and the Porcupine getting fit!

by cricketjeff on May 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The pig and the porcupine took a drive
In a rickety open-topped bus
They took some brandy and sugar-free candy
(So dentists won’t make a fuss)
They drove away on a beautiful day
Down a road that was filled to the brim
And after an hour and a summery shower
They stopped and they went to the gym, the gym
They stopped and they went to the gym
The pig lifted weights (which the porcupine hates)
And rippled his abs to the crowd
The porcupine sighed and began to decide
That the Pig was too pompous and proud
They drove for a week then started to speak
Of the training they aimed to pursue
So back to the gym getting fitter and slim
And raising a hullabaloo baloo
And raising a hullabaloo
Their bodies perfected were freely inspected
And soon they were falling in love
They married while jogging (and squeezing and snogging)
Which gave their regimes quite a shove
A fine honeymoon which was over too soon
Then back where they loved to be seen
Where lycra’ed and pumped our fitness freaks jumped
Back onto the rowing machine machine
Back onto the rowing machine!

Author notes

With apologies to Edward Lear!!!