Poetry by Jeff Green


War-widow blues

by cricketjeff on May 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When life consists of melancholy dreams
And sleeping teems with endless joyless dreams
Can life be all the benefit it seems?

Her future lost she has to face her life
Without the man who’d given her that life
A victim of some futile foreign strife

He looked so proud the day he marched away
But soon a bomb would tear her heart away
While fate decrees it is her lot to stay

A silent drive past faces torn with pain
That cannot match the grieving widows pain
So many songs she’ll never sing again

A happy girl who loved to sing the blues
Has lost her smile beneath the dreadful news

Author notes

The form is a “Blues Sonnet” I am very far from convinced!

I am sure that rich rhyme can be used to good effect, I am equally sure that I have not mastered that skill.

A Blues Sonnet should consist of four iambic p3entameter triplets where the first two lines use the same rhyming word and the third line rhymes normally with them. The Volta is usually postponed to the (normally rhymed) IP couplet.