Poetry by Jeff Green


The girl that I love

by cricketjeff on May 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

An innocent fool when she captured my heart
With a careless resort to the femme fatale’s art
She remoulded my dreams in a momentary smile
That was three-quarters honest and all the rest guile
From that moment on I’ve been happy and free
Though she lives for herself she is always perfection for me

I would walk across fire to be sat by her side
I would offer the stars just to see them denied
She takes with both hands but she gives in a sigh
And there’s nobody else who could teach me to fly
When I look in her eyes I know who I can be
She may not be mine but she’s always perfection for me

She’s the bluebells of Spring and the maples of Fall
And a kite dancing high on a midsummer squall
She is roses all Summer and pure winter snow
And a priceless Vermeer that is never on show
She acts like she’s twelve but she looks twenty three
And however she treats me she’s always perfection to me

There are days when I think that I’ll leave her alone
She’ll return to the nest and she’ll find I have flown
But I know if I’m honest I can’t run away
Till the sun turns to ash I am certain to stay
I am hooked like a fish no return to the sea
She’s the girl that I love and she’s always perfection for me

Author notes

Inspired by


But I’m very far from happy with it.