Poetry by Jeff Green


Cocktail bar

by cricketjeff on May 22, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Have you met a Killer Zombie, just the thing on summer nights,
Had an orgasm while standing at the bar,
After three or four you’re squiffy drinking mixed up traffic lights
And another glass or two of morning star.

Or perhaps you like them creamy with bananas on the top,
Like an ice cream that will sting you like a bee.
Happy hour may soon be over, so it isn’t time to stop
Have a strong and sprig-of-minty, lemon tree.

When you see that pretty barmaid you will think about a screw
Or perhaps she’d like to have sex on the beach
As they ladle all the booze in (WHAT the hell’s that colour blue?)
And  we’ll finish with a frozen midnight screech.

They are sweet and full of flavour and before you know you’ve sunk
More or less enough to down a charging bull
You are giddy as a schoolgirl but an awful lot more drunk
And your wallet in the morning won’t be full!!!