Poetry by Jeff Green


The life of a lovesong

by cricketjeff on May 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the poem’s just a jotting,
On the notepad by the phone,
There are dreams in need of spotting
As you’re dozing on your own.
With a little bit of effort,
With a little bit of art,
With a little bit of feeling,
You may touch a lover’s heart.

When the poem still lacks meter,
And its rhyme is less than sharp,
Still your dreams are getting sweeter,
Like an angel on the harp.
With a daisy in the meadow,
With a rainbow in the sky,
With a skylark singing heartache,
You may make your lover sigh.

When the poem’s almost ready
For its part in Cupid’s game,
If your pulse is strong and steady,
You will hope she feels the same.
With each word conveying meaning,
With each word a tender kiss,
With each word another message,
To your own intended miss.

Now your poem is delivered
And you’re hoping for a chance
To discover if she shivered
As it led her through the dance.
Did she sigh on every nuance,
Did she die on every line,
Did she cry towards the ending,
That you’re certain was divine?

She may know that love is fleeting
But a poem lasts for years,
And your words may be a greeting
That is answered in her tears.
And with luck she’ll see your meaning,
And with luck she’ll know you’re true,
And with luck she’ll spend a lifetime,
Writing poetry to you.

Author notes

You were looking for humour but that isn’t what flowed I’m afraid

My prompt was this poem http://allpoetry.com/poem/4097137 by PsydewaysTears and I loved the feel so much that I took that rather than the content. Odd that I’d pass up a chance to write about the Moon!

I’ll look at the other prompt too.