Poetry by Jeff Green


Doesn’t matter

by cricketjeff on May 28, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Doesn’t matter how she’s feeling, by the time she goes to bed
She’s his young and happy lover in the theatre of her head.
On the outside she is hurting but it matters more inside
Where the truth is warm and tender and her love won’t be denied.
Though the world may fight against her, and the ways she wants to feel,
From the moment she is sleeping only happiness is real.
There no illnesses can touch her, no disasters mar her day
But the one she wants to hold her’s there to carry her away.
It may not be all she dreamed of but she’s held and loved each night,
And for hours the daily tortures take a back seat to delight.
Close your eyes you lonely dreamer and you’ll never be alone
For the dreams you’re living nightly closely match your lover’s own;
Doesn’t matter how you’re feeling, by the time you go to bed
You’re his young and happy lover in the theatre of his head.