Poetry by Jeff Green


Around the world in underwear

by cricketjeff on May 28, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She went to Twickers wearing knickers,
Larger than a tent.
The fellas kissed her, then dismissed her,
Left their cash unspent.

In Liverpool she played the fool,
In tight bikini shorts,
And man there smiled but weren’t beguiled,
They weren’t her sort of sports.

Her New York set were smaller yet
And men now caught her eye.
They came to dance and take a chance
But soon they said goodbye.

In LA she made rather free,
A very tidy fit,
The man now stayed and briefly played
Before, too soon, they split.

In Tokyo she had a go
At rather daring silk
And swiftly scored with some young lord
And others of his ilk.

In Chittagong she wore a thong
And had her bottom squeezed,
The local men said “come again”
And everyone was pleased.

In Istanbul her hands were full,
Her panties very small,
Each local lad ensured she had
Her own near Eastern ball.

So onto Rome (much nearer home)
A handkerchief and string
And boy oh boy did she find joy
And love and everything.

In Paris France such tiny pants
Are clearly just the norm
But they worked well, she loved like Hell,
And proved she could perform.

In London where she first went bare
She found that life was great,
It blows her mind when good men find
Her ready on a plate.

Now all the while commando style
Is how she starts the day.
She’s rather rich, a happy bitch,
Who’s found the perfect way!

Author notes

Just for fun