Poetry by Jeff Green


Clear Blue Light

by cricketjeff on May 29, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He kissed her for the first time and he changed the time of day,
The weather and the way the world revolves;
And every time she sees him she is changed in every way,
The person that she used to be dissolves.
When they make love he owns her, he’s her demon and her knight,
And everything around him is ablaze with clear blue light.

He held her for the first time and she flew across the sky,
She touched the Moon and partied with the stars;
And when she hears him speaking she can kiss today goodbye,
Accompanied by angels on guitars.
When they make love she’s helpless as she welcomes every bite
And waits for all around her to produce a clear blue light.

He loved her for the first time and he gave her something new,
A reason to believe that love exists.
In every pain and pleasure all these new emotions grew
And every week she finds some extra twists.
When they make love she’s happy and her past is out of sight,
Who cares about the future when you see that clear blue light.