Poetry by Jeff Green


Blimey! That’s odd!

by cricketjeff on May 31, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Coincidence is very odd
And proof in some mens’s eyes
The universe was made by god
And many myths and lies

One day I met one hundred men
Who didn’t share my name
I thought that very odd and then
I wondered who’s to blame

A friend I used to know in school
Did not work where I do
I understand the usual rule
This must be something new

I didn’t wear the same striped shirt
As anyone I met
My sense of right is badly hurt
I’m filled up with regret

I’ve never won the lottery
For six weeks in a row
Or found the face in pottery
Of somebody I know

I did see lots of girls with bumps
When ours were on the way
But now I see as many chumps
On every other day

I must admit that now and then
Some things will fall in line
But then they fall apart again
Life isn’t by design

Coincidence is very odd
But what amazes me
Is not that it’s a common sod
It is its rarity!