Poetry by Jeff Green


Tragedy in paradise

by cricketjeff on June 2, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The news reports a madman on a spree
A dozen died without a reason why
In villages that nestle by the sea
Beneath the hills that brush against the sky

The taste of death has come to paradise
On country lanes where walkers stopped to stare
The perfect views are stained by human vice
These aren’t the scenes that I have tried to share

So many tears will flow within the sight
Of grey green hills so beautiful and tall
My ancient friends stand silently tonight
An evil man has stayed their siren call

The sound of guns has drowned the singing streams
And sudden grief invaded gentle dreams

Author notes

A taxi driver in Whitehaven has driven through the towns and villages on the edge of the English Lake district shooting people at random. Twelve dead many more injured.