Poetry by Jeff Green


On a sunny summer day

by cricketjeff on June 3, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

All alone in summer sunshine, making love inside my mind,
Wishing you were here beside me, and the neighbours were all blind.
As the birds are busy nesting and the bees are buzzing round
I lie dreaming I am busy with the sweetest girl I’ve found.

There’s an icy glass of cider, there are strawberries to eat,
And a butterfly is searching for the nectar in my feet.
In my mind I’m feeling lazy with my head upon your lap,
Should I pull you down to kiss me or relax and take a nap.

As they play with gentle breezes all the leaves are singing songs
And a seagull’s hunting dinner far from where his kind belongs.
Are there seagulls where you’re sitting where my mind has gone to play
Making love to one who loves me on a sunny summer day.