Poetry by Jeff Green


Fantasies of You

by cricketjeff on June 5, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a song thrush in the garden making music for the trees,
Every rose is busy buzzing giving nectar to the bees.
There are strawberries to ripen and a dozen sorts of fruit,
While a world of shrubs and annuals seem about to bud and shoot.
And I’m lazing, reading Tolkein, under pure unbroken blue
With a mind that’s far too busy weaving fantasies of you.

I’ve a well chilled glass beside me (and it isn’t lemonade),
There are crumbs of cake around me, where the tits and sparrows played.
In the warm and dappled sunlight there are shadows making sport
And the robins quiz their fledglings on the lessons they were taught.
Still I’m lazing, feeling happy, underneath unbroken blue;
With a mind that’s far too busy weaving fantasies of you.

There are children in the distance playing games that never end
And the blackbird’s getting closer to a special sort of friend.
There are swifts and swallows darting while a magpie starts to shout,
In the pond I’ve spotted tadpoles and there’s butterflies about.
All of England’s beauty’s busy under clean unbroken blue
And my mind is far too busy weaving fantasies of you.

In this dreamy summer weather if the world was rearranged
Would we watch the birds together after everything was changed?
Could I build a rustic swing seat, where we’d while away the days,
In a garden full of loving where the best of nature plays?
Would our lives be always summer under pure unbroken blue,
If my mind was with my body living fantasies with you?

Author notes

Now edited and extended.