Poetry by Jeff Green


Looking back

by cricketjeff on June 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On a day of hazy sunshine there’s a gentle mist of rain
When the joy she brought her fam’ly leaves a space for tears of pain.
As the children play un-worried there are tears in mother’s eyes,
But a burden has been lifted in a flood of gentle sighs.
When your life is past enjoying you may hear a final cue
That it’s time you left the circus and paid Charon what he’s due
In the middle of the summer there’s a blast of winter air,
And you can’t escape the sadness anywhere

She could never be a burden but she bore a heavy load
As she set four foolish children on a straight and steady road
Never seemed to be complaining never gave them any pain
But she smiled and helped their progress never showing any strain
As a mother she’d been happy then as grandma found still more
With each bouncing little bundle she had more she could adore
But before she found the summit of a full and useful life
She found that fate can wield a dreadful knife

In a year or two she faded from a goddess to a ghost
And the loss of time with children was the price she hated most
There was no-one who could help her was the doctor’s mournful note
And her daughters broke down crying when they read the words he wrote
But through all her final moments she was happy in herself
She’d a stock of love and laughter in the volumes on the shelf
In a bedroom full of chatter she has seen her final day
As a life of happy moments drained away

Author notes

No it doesn’t relate to anyone in particular, just what was in my mind.